low country living

Landscape Design


Located in coastal South Carolina about 30 miles north of Savannah, Georgia, this island community has strict environmental standards to promote construction that is sensitive to the low country ecosystem. DDS created a landscape design for this new home that includes trees and shrubs to enhance privacy and several outdoor rooms. Research of local plants and careful coordination with the Spring Island design review board allowed DDS to embrace a new planting zone and the cultural traditions of the region. The smell of a non-invasive variety of jasmine greets visitors at the front entrance. A terrace provides a quiet respite for reading and is constructed of Old Tabby pieces. This traditional building material is made from crushed oyster shells that are found on the island and offers a porous, non-slip surface. A brick fire pit provides a cozy gathering spot that extends the season for outdoor living.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Sarah Weihman | Drake Design Studio

ARCHITECT: Peter Brower | BRZ Architects